? SPARTA San Diego State University

San Diego State University
Fall 2011

SPARTA Initiative

We are SPARTA, SPecial Assets Real-time Tracking Aid. Our goal is to develop a system which will track,
in real time, the conditions within a shipping container while it is in transit. Our system will be able to monitor the humidity, temperature, pressure, acceleration, and orientation of the shipping container. In addition, the door state, lighting conditions, and presence of standing water within the container can be monitored. This information will then be routed to the customer via Wi-Fi, GSM, or satellite connection so that the customer will know the condition of their assets as it is being transported. Team SPARTA consists of a mix of computer and electrical engineering students at San Diego State University.

The transport of critical assets presents unique problems in today’s transportation industry. Currently, the condition of an asset during transport is not known until the asset is received and inspected at its final destination. Unauthorized access, environmental conditions beyond acceptable limits, improper routing, and complete asset loss are often not realized until after incoming inventory and inspection at the destination. The SPARTA team is proposing a special asset tracking system that will immediately alert a Sensor Management Center in the event a sensed parameter is beyond acceptable limits. The proposed system will also give regular updates on asset health.